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If you've adopted before and would like to readopt the same sheep for another year then please select 'I'd like to re-adopt'.
Tick more than one sheep if you like; we ask for a minimum donation of £30.00 for each sheep you adopt.
Enter the name which you've agreed with us!
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Please note that we will respect your privacy at all times and only use the information entered in this form, including the email address, to contact you for information directly relating to this adoption process. We promise that no information whatsoever will be shared with anyone outside of Fleecehaven.

The Recipient's Details

Adoption Pack Delivery Address

Please enter the address to which you'd like us to post the adoption pack.

We ask for an additional donation of £5.00 to cover the extra postage costs of sending a pack outside the UK. This amount will be added to your payment when you click the proceed button at the bottom of this form.

Please be aware that even though we post all packs to addresses outside the UK by airmail, delivery times can be somewhat hit or miss. Postage times to the USA in particular can be up to 4 weeks! If you pack is urgent then we can email an adoption certificate to you as an interim measure.

We like to personalise the pack and make sure it's gets directed to the right person.

Please note that the information provided here will only be used in relation to this adoption process. We promise that the personal details of your recipient will not be shared with anyone.

Adoption Date

If you would like your adoption to start at a specific date, such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas then please enter it here. Please note that it can take up to two weeks to process your adoption pack so please try to allow us sufficient time. If in doubt then send us a message using the link at the top of this page.

If you don't enter a date here then we'll date your adoption from a week after your payment is received.

Your Message

If you would like like a message to appear on the adoption certificate then please enter it here.

Use this to add messages such as birthday greetings to the adoption certificate.

Gift Aid

Fleecehaven is a registered charity so if you are a UK Taxpayer then we can claim Gift Aid on your adoption donation. This increases the value of your donation to us by 28%!

If you select 'Please Reclaim my tax...' below you are making the following declaration: "I am a UK Taxpayer and I wish Fleecehaven to re-claim tax on all donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise". You must be paying an amount of income or capital gains tax in the UK at least equal to the amount of tax we reclaim on your donations in each tax year.

Gift Aid is generally only applicable to adoptions from the UK so it you're not from the UK and don't know what this is about then just ignore it!
In order to claim Gift Aid we need the postal address of the UK tax-payer. If this is not the same address that you entered as a delivery address then please select A Different Address and enter the details in the boxed which will appear below...

Your Donation

The minimum donation we ask for adopting one of our sheep is £30.00 but we'd be very grateful if you would consider increasing this to help with our work. Here are some of the costs we have to incur...

Please tick a box to add an additional donation. We'd love it if you tick more than one!

Thank you for your additional donation.


Our newsletter is prepared three times a year providing information about the work of Fleecehaven and news about your adopted sheep. A copy of the latest newsletter is included with the adoption pack.

Further newsletters are posted on our website and can be delivered by email. In order to comply with data protection legislation we require each individual to register for the delivery of newsletters by email.

You can register your own email address to receive newsletters by ticking the box below. As you're adopting as a gift it might be that the recipient will also wish to receive their newsletters by email; details of how to do so are included in the adoption pack.

Further newsletters are posted on our website and can be delivered by email. In order to comply with data protection legislation we require each individual to register for the delivery of newsletters by email. Please tick the box below to confirm that youre happy for newsletters to be sent to your email address. If you don't register you won't receive emailed newsletters but you can register on our website at any time and information on how to register is included ith the adoption pack.

If you would like to receive the newsletter in a printed form by post then we are happy to do so for an additional small donation of £3.00 per 3 copies to assist with printing and postage costs. Please tick the box below:

A newsletter postal subscription is also available at the Fleecehaven shop (in case you later change your mind!).

Fleecehaven 2021 Calendar

Would you like a copy of our 2021 Fleecehaven calendar along with your adoption pack? Add a calendar for £10 and we'll include it with your adoption pack, saving you additional postage costs.

Perhaps you'd be good enough to let us know how you first found out about Fleecehaven:

If you've any message you'd like to send us relating to this adoption then please use the box just below here to enter this. Then, finally, please check the details you've entered above before clicking the proceed button below which will take you to the payment page.

Before you proceed please bear in mind that adoption packs can take up to 14 days for us to prepare and deliver. If you require delivery of your pack urgently then please contact us to see whether we'll be able to meet your requirements. Thank you.

In the unlikely event that your chosen sheep is called to the heavenly fold in the sky we will contact you and your adoption will transfer to another sheep of your choice.